Importance of Mangalsutra

In India Mangalsutra is one of the most worn jewellery by women. As mangalsutra is sacred for most women, it is considered one of the most important jewellery. According to the tradition, it is a symbol of successful marriage and love. A Hindu wedding is never complete without this sacred thread of love.

There are many different types of Mangalsutra designs available in the market as well as online. These are basically made of black beads and might also include gold or even diamonds. Few people love to buy Mangalsutra online because of the huge collection as this is the only thread that unites two people together forever.

Importance of Mangalsutra/buy mangalsutra design online


What is the importance of Mangalsutra?

According to the Hindu tradition, no marriage is complete without the groom tying a knot with Mangalsutra to his bride. It also believed that the Mangalsutra designs consisting black beads with gold destroy the negative energy in women.  

The majority of women in North India like to buy latest Mangalsutra designs online and this trend is slowly increasing in South India also. The most common type of mangalsutras is the one with a combination of gold beads, black beads and pearls that makes women look beautiful.

Present scenario on mangalsutra designs

Few of the present generation disregard the traditional values of this precious Mangalsutra. They consider it to be less important in their married life. Instead of tradition, they wear it as a symbol of style and trend. Most of them wear it occasionally like, for weddings or parties with their husband. Women hardly wear it while going to the workplace.

Designs in mangalsutra

Mangalsutra designs are changing year after year. The designs were simple in the olden days and there was also no option to shop it online. However, those days are gone now and you can buy women mangalsutra online in India. There are a variety of designs available online from where you can select one as per your preference and lifestyle.

No matter what your perception is about the Mangalsutra designs, it has a very important place in the life of every woman and you should cherish it.

Mangalsutra design online

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